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Midge Hall c1920

From Corporate Life to Living The Dream

We both had "proper jobs" when we fell in love with Midge Hall back in 2006.

Like so many, our lives evolved around juggling child care with stressful careers, spending too much time in busy commuter traffic and feeling frustrated by our lack of quality family time.

We finally completed on the purchase in 2008 by which time the property had been derelict for over 50 years. The restoration was never going to be easy, with limited access, no mains power supply, sewage system or phone line we knew we would have our work cut out. Our friends and family all thought we were mad, locals warned us of the swarms of midges and mortgage lenders just laughed at us - it was 2008 after all. 

falling foss 5 (2).jpg

All you need is love ...

It was an interesting time, especially with three children under the age of 5. Learning to live “off grid” was particularly challenging. We now look back fondly on the memories of bathing the children by candle light and reading bedtime stories with the use of a head torch.

The cottage is now completely dry and toasty warm thanks to the log burners, one of which is permanently lit and provides hot water and heating.


“It's been and incredible journey and continues to be so. There is something about Falling Foss that gets into your heart and once it's there it's there forever"

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